How Do Locksmiths Unlock House Doors

How Do Locksmiths Unlock House Doors: 3 Top Secrets

House doors accidentally locked shut not only pose inconveniences, they may also incur certain costs associated with door or lock repair. Fortunately, in most cases, you will not have to deal with anything like this since locksmiths can unlock pretty much any door.

But will you indeed be able to avoid damages and associated costs? And what to expect from a locksmith’s visit?

Well, to answer these questions, it would be helpful for you to know how locksmiths unlock house doors From us as the best locksmith service spring tx

So Let's Find Out How Do Locksmiths Unlock Doors

There are two kinds of door unlocking methods, non-destructive and destructive. Below, let’s talk about how each is done and what to expect with them.

Non-Destructive Door Unlocking

The best case scenario for you would be if the locksmith managed to unlock your door without force.

Locksmiths use a wide range of techniques to unlock doors, and we can’t cover them all in this post since they are complex and extremely varied. With that said, all the techniques usually come down to one thing, figuring out how the lock works to be able to pick it.

To determine this, the locksmith may ask you about the lock model, and they also play around with the lock to try and understand what its mechanism is.

Most door locks have a similar construction, so no matter your lock model, it’s very likely that the locksmith will be familiar with it and will be able to unlock it without much effort. Locksmiths employ a wide arsenal of tools and techniques that can unlock most household locks.

And after skillful picking, you will be able to use your lock just as before.

Apart from lockpicking, the locksmith may attempt to disassemble the lock mechanism. However, good locks aren’t easy to disassemble from outside, so this isn’t a likely course of action. 

Destructive Door Unlocking

Locksmiths very rarely resort to force to unlock doors. They are most typically well equipped to deal with any kind of lock. However, even the most skilled locksmith may not be able to unlock a door with a highly secure or severely damaged lock.

The amount of damage caused to your property by destructive methods will vary, this will depend on the door, the lock model, whether the room can be accessed through points other than the door, and some other factors.

From least to most damaging, here’s what a locksmith may try to do to unlock your door:


  • If the room can be accessed via a window or another door, the locksmith may attempt to unlock the door from inside. If the lock can be unlocked via a latch from the other side, then you may be able to get out of the situation without any damage to your property.
  • They may drill through the lock to expose its interior mechanism. This may not be possible with more secure lock models.
  • Finally, if nothing else works, the locksmith may have to break your door.

Be Extra Careful If You Have A Secure Lock

In case you don’t have any accidentally locked doors and are here just out of curiosity, then know that you should be extra careful with your doors or keys if they have high-security locks.

These locks are difficult to unlock not only for intruders but also for locksmiths. If you have house locks with complex, proprietary mechanisms, then it will be more likely that the locksmith will have to resort to force.

This doesn’t mean that you should not install secure locks at home. Rather, this means that you should be more careful with your locks if they are resistant to lockpicking.

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