How To Lock A Hotel Door From The Inside

How To Lock A Hotel Door From The Inside (The Easiest Ways)

Regardless of whether you’re a business explorer, visit voyager, hiker, or amateur, realizing how to lock a hotel door from the inside isn’t an easy business. There’s a whole other world to it than basically bolting your deadbolt or flipping a hook.


You can never be 100 percent certain that nobody approaches your room. The most ideal approach to include your own layer of security that lone you control is by putting resources into a cheap travel lock.


We are locksmith service provider company, so we know The best travel locks are lightweight, require no devices, and introduce/uninstall in less than 60 seconds. Besides, there’re many techniques that you can take with you to secure your hotel room door.


Since the subject of this article is how to lock a hotel door from the inside. let’s first spotlight on the best versatile door locks and how to utilize them.

How To Lock A Hotel Door From The Inside: 3 Most Safe & Easy Way

Portable Door Lock

1. Portable Door Lock

When it comes to lock your hotel door the Addalock is the most popular and reliable portable door lock that is available on the market. The reason why it’s the best is that the lock is inexpensive, easy to use and you can carry it with you wherever you go.


The two most important things about this lock are the space between the door frame and the door. The second one is the door has to be open towards you. If you’re inside your room only then this lock works. However, there’s no guarantee that this door lock works with all the hotel doors.


When using the Addalock place a thumb over the test to fit and put the chain through your hands. So it keeps the handle out of your way and your fingers at the back. At first, open the door and insert the claws into the strike of the door and close the door. Then take the moving rod inserted into the butterfly hole of the door and then just drop the handle. 

Door Jammer

2. Door Jammer

A door jammer is an alternative for locking your hotel door from the inside. There are a few choices that run in cost. One of the premium door jammers that can able to withstand 2,560 lbs of power is the BuddyBar.


This mammoth can hold even the most grounded individuals under control as long as the door is sufficiently able to keep them down too. Since the BuddyBar is genuinely overwhelming at around 8 lbs, it’s not as compact as the Addalock. Be that as it may, it gives a more elevated level of security.


Moreover, it takes a shot at cover, tile, solid, wood and different surfaces without slipping.

Wedge Door Stops

3. Wedge Door Stops

A door wedge is the last option when locking your hotel from the inside. Although the door wedge is less secure than the portable door lock or a door jammer, so we suggest you look for a wedge with a built-in alarm.


If your wedge doorstop has a decent built-in siren of 120 dB then everyone on your floor will undoubtedly hear it. When a burglar or any other intruder triggers the alarm you’ll immediately wake up because siren of 120 dB is no joke.


You should also look for wedge door stops that have a non-skid pad so that the intruder can’t open the door when the alarm sounds.  


So, these are some of the important steps to lock your hotel door from the inside. However, to avoid unwanted attention in the first place can be the best way to protect against robbery like leaving your expensive things out where hotel staff or anyone else can see it. 

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