How To Pick A Deadbolt Lock

How To Pick A Deadbolt Lock For Beginners

Picking a deadbolt is not as hard as it looks. In this post, we will cover how to pick a deadbolt lock for beginners and It’s a pretty easy skill to learn with the right tools with right people like us Locksmith In Spring TX .  But in everything worth learning, it takes effort and lots of practice to be able to be good at it.  And picking a lock, especially a deadbolt is no exception.  It may take a while to get the hang of it but with constant practice and lots of patience, you will be able to pick deadbolts successfully in no time.Or you can just find a locksmith who can help you.



Let’s find out how to pick a deadbolt lock for beginners



In picking a deadbolt, like with any ordinary locks, two basic tools must be in your possession:  the pick, which is a long, sturdy piece of metal (or plastic), that will not bend easily when you put it inside a keyhole and push it against the pins; and the tension tool that looks like a long elongated “s” which is also made of sturdy metal or plastic.

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Before you pick on the deadbolt, be mindful of the deadbolt condition whether it’s exposed at a cold temperature.  If that is the case, you need to warm the lock first since it won’t turn if the lock is frozen cold.  You can use any heating material such as a lighter or a hairdryer to de-ice the lock.


It’s hard to pick a lock without having an idea of what is the structure or the mechanism that you need to tinker with to unlock it.  You need to know what is a deadbolt lockset made of and how does it work.  With that knowledge, you will have a better understanding of what to do when picking the lock.


If you disassemble a deadbolt lockset, you will find a rotating barrel inside of it and five spring-loaded pins that fit into the rotating barrel.  The pins prevent it from turning which then locks it into position.  The deadbolt key pushes all these pins up out of the barrel, and you are mimicking the key with your pick to unlock the deadbolt.

The tension tool or wrench is vital to the picking process because it maintains tension on the barrel for it to prevent the pins from going back inside the barrel after your pick moves them out.


Now that you understand the mechanism inside the deadbolt, you are now ready to begin.  With the tension tool or wrench on your left hand (if you’re right-handed), and with the pick on your right, you can now start picking on the deadbolt.

Insert the tension tool in the keyhole at the base.  If the lock of the deadbolt is on the right facing towards you, you need to go in a counter-clockwise motion with your tension tool.  Just a slight tension is needed to be able to create a slight opposing motion between the tension tool and your pick.

With the pick on your right hand, insert it into the keyhole and use the slight bend at the end of the pick to push the pins upward.  Just barely push on the pins “feeling” it as you push upward.  This is a simultaneous motion with the tension tool where you will put a bit of tension while pushing up the pins in the middle of the keyhole with the pick. Maintain the tension on the wrench while your picking.

Keep on picking the pins and push deeper until you’ve come to the last pin and lifted them all.  And once you feel the “click” turn the lock with your wrench and voila, you have made your first successful pick of a deadbolt.

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