How To Secure A Hotel Door

How To Secure A Hotel Door (Tip & Tricks)

Even in the most secure hotel, the stock hotel door lock will only be able to do so much. Not only does room security vary from hotel to hotel, but the staff has means to access your room as well, the hotel manager most likely has a master key that unlocks any door in the establishment, whereas rest of the employees will likely have key duplicates for emergencies. 

Apart from that, hotel rooms aren’t intruder-proof, so you may want to be safe than sorry. Our company commercial locksmith spring tx provide key service from long time!

With that in mind, if you are planning to travel but are worried about your belongings, let’s talk about ways of securing your hotel door to keep unwanted guests outside.

Ways To Keep Your Hotel Room Door Secure

Door Is Indeed Locked

1. Make Sure That The Door Is Indeed Locked

At the very least, make sure that the door to your room is indeed locked. If you are staying in a subpar hotel, then the locks may be finicky to lock correctly. Apart from that, if you haven’t closed the door completely, it may not be locked even if you’ve engaged its lock.

If the room door is indeed locked, then it is unlikely for anyone other than the hotel staff to get into your room. And if you are staying in a good hotel, it’s very unlikely for the staff to be troublesome. 

2. Use The Chain Lock

If your room door has a chain lock on the inside, then be sure to make use of it. Even if the door’s main lock gets compromised, a good chain lock will not allow any intruders inside.

In a good chain lock, the chain should be short not to allow anyone to reach inside the room and take the chain out of the track. Apart from that, if the door frame is weak, then the lock will be useless.

Portable Door Lock

3. Try Out Portable Locks

It’s also a very good idea to try out portable locks. These locks can fit various door designs, are fairly inexpensive, and can be very easily taken on travel. A good portable lock will also keep the door closed even if its main lock has been unlocked.

The difficulty of choosing a portable lock is that although these locks fit many doors, they don’t work with any kind of door. You will thus need to have some information about the doors in the hotel room, and you will also need to research portable locks to buy the right one for your journey.

Barricade The Door

4. Barricade The Door

Finally, you may consider barricading the door with something heavy. This technically isn’t locking your door, rather, it’s done to prevent an unlocked door from being opened. Still, it’s a viable method for keeping your room safe.

But although barricading the door is fairly simple, you may not have a suitably heavy object to block the door with, e.g. furniture. Besides, moving furniture around isn’t the best option since you may damage it or the room floor, so unless you have no other options, avoid this method.

5. Research The Hotel Beforehand

As a bonus tip, if you are intending to bring along portable locks, you should research the hotel before the trip. More precisely, find out what security measures it already has and whether your portable locks will even fit its doors.

Free Tip: Check Out Hotel Policies

Finally, check hotel policies before implementing any of the methods listed above. This is just a precaution to make sure that the hotel doesn’t forbid limiting staff access to rooms. Not that we’ve come across such policies in our experience, but it’s a good idea to check them just in case.

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