Unlock a Deadbolt Door without a Key

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Door Without A Key

Ever got stuck out of your own home because you forgot the key? Oh, the horror. 

Knowing to unlock the door will save you from troubles. This nifty trick will come in handy in a variety of situations. If you’re looking for some brilliant ways to unlock the door without damaging the lock then keep reading through the article. 

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Let’s find out how to unlock a deadbolt door without a key

1.Bobby Pin

Bobby Pin

Well, this one is probably one of the most common tools that we saw people use to unlock the door. You need to use two bobby pins to complete the task successfully. First, you need to insert the looped side of the bobby pin on the bottom side of the lock.


The other bobby pin has to be broken in half. Now, insert the second bobby pin inside the top portion of the lock and move it continuously back and forth. The unique motion of the bobby pin will jostle up the deadbolt lock.


After that, slowly rotate the first bobby pin on the bottom to open up the lock. However, if you’re unable to open up the lock in this way after few minutes then take out the bottom pin and insert it again.

2. Bump Keys

Bump Keys

Using bump keys are another popular method for opening up deadbolt locks. Lock bumping keys are used for deadbolt locks for decades. You can get these keys from Walmart, Walgreens, etc. You need to insert the keys in the lock and hit the end of the key with a screwdriver. The force on the key will enable you to open the lock.

3. Credit Card

In movies, we have seen people opening up locked doors with just a credit card. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do it yourself? You need to wiggle the card around the latch to unlock the door. Put slight pressure on the door which will help to open up the door more easily.



open door locks with Credit Card



It might get a while to get a grasp on it. You need to try it for a while to find the right ways to master the art. If the card doesn’t do the job on the first then try to jiggle card up and down to open up the lock.

4. Drill Machine

Drill Machine using to unlock door


Using the drill machine is another efficient open up a deadbolt lock. However, the real struggle is to find drill machines when you’re stranded out of the house. Hold the drill on the lock and start drilling. Drilling is not an easy process. Go with the procedure if you have prior experience with it. Also, remember that this method will completely destroy the lock tumblers. You will need to install a new lock afterward.

5. Paperclips



Paperclips are not used for clipping the papers only. You can also unlock the door using a paperclip. Also, paperclips are usually found in our backpacks so you can find in readily when you’re stuck outside the house.

However, the paperclip needs to be in the right shape for the clip to work. Like the bobby pins, you also need two paperclips for the method to work. Bend one of the paperclips straight and insert it inside the lock. Bend the other paperclip slightly and insert it above the straight one. You need to wiggle the lock for a while to open it.            

Final Thoughts

Deadbolt locks have pins of different lengths that are designed to fit specific keys. Know the construction of the lock well before you move forward with the process. Those are the most common ways to unlock a deadbolt door without a key. Also, practice different methods so that you can always find a feasible solution. Lastly, make sure that you don’t practice it for any illicit purposes.

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